The same rhetoric equals the same results

You’ve heard it all before, you’ve seen the many news stories and features. “What’s wrong with Portland?” If you didn’t know any better you would really think this wonderful city is a cesspool. But if true, why would families and millennials flock by the dozens to live amongst us in a “cesspool?” 


As a lifelong resident of Portland and father of two mixed sons I love traveling, showing my sons what’s out there in the world and striking up conversations about my city. One time that stands out is when on a trip to New York I was chatting with a saleswoman and mentioned I was from Portland. Naturally she assumed I was referring to Portland, Maine. This lead to a good conversation and myself turning into a salesman showcasing the many great things going on in my city. I enjoy being somewhat of an ambassador and would embrace being Mayor with the same kind of passion.


I think sometimes we as Portlanders have unrealistic expectations. Sure TriMet gets a bad rep, but have you experienced riding public transportation in another city? Tell me that you would trade TriMet’s transit system for one based in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami or New York. I’ll wait…..


The reality is that we have one of the best transit systems in America if not the World. 


Some say that our City Counsel style of government is outdated, but the people have spoken time and time again when given a chance to change this to a more formal style of government granting the Mayor more official powers and control. But with all the complaints surrounding current Mayor Ted Wheeler, would that have been a good idea? I’m not going to say that Mayor Wheeler did a good or bad job during his term as Mayor because that is up to you, the people to decide on May 19th . Instead I will address why I am running for Mayor and my intentions.



Declaration Of Portlandia




1.    Treatment & substance abuse reform 

2.    Foster care reform

3.    Juvenile justice system reform 

4.    Homelessness decline 

5.    Suicide prevention initiative 

6.    Domestic violence initiative 

7.    Youth political movement initiative 


So many times throughout campaigning and debating you’ll hear the same lines repeated as if the candidates are reading off the same script, manipulating words to sound authentic but in the end are all saying the same things. 


I have a problem with some candidates running for Mayor who refuse to mention anything remotely positive about the city outside of Portland being “progressive”. I’m disappointed in the fact that outside of a “Green New Deal”, public parks or child care resources no real policy’s are being put forth by the candidates to address important issues that effect children and teens such as juvenile justice, the foster care system, teen suicide and domestic abuse. This is concerning because one day they will be taking our places in this process called democracy but yet no candidate besides myself has a real plan that includes them. During this current Coronavirus crisis and stay at home order, children in the foster care system haven’t received any attention or even been acknowledged by front running candidates for Portland Mayor. With their well-being going totally unnoticed all you get is more of the same old rhetoric. 


I’m a winner, and everywhere I’ve landed at in my professional career I’ve had major success. I have experience with dealing with high level clientele ( Portland Timbers, Portland Thorns, Timbers 2 ) While in that position I was trusted with confidential information on a daily basis, had to deal with a number of business professionals such as sports agent’s, local and national media ( ESPN, Fox Sports etc ) and most importantly the team’s family members. All of these things make me the most qualified candidate to replace Mayor Wheeler. None of the many other candidates can offer nor match this kind of high level expertise and experience which I bring to the table.


This is your chance to turn the page, change the rhetoric and not forget that the power is made by the people, for the people. Choose the leader who you believe In. One that after four years, you’ll want four more years.

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